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    • July 06, 2019
    • July 13, 2019
    • 2019 Liveaboard - Jardines Aggressor II

    Cuba – Garden of Queens – July 6-13, 2019 Liveaboard - Jardines Aggressor II

    We are travelling on an “Oceans For Youth Foundation, People to People Program”

    We will fly – direct from Miami on a group booking - to either Santa Clara [or Camaguey] (no Havana, no land based hotels). Then drive 3 hrs to the harbor and board the boat. On return to the airport there is a stop for a free lunch. 5 days of 4 dives a day, 2 dives on Friday. Please see the articles below for what to expect to see, or I have more articles in .pdf format that I can send you on request …

    We got a special DEMA deal with a $500 discount so far

    We do not have a normal payment schedule or procedure – please get special instruction from me before writing checks. Also we are making “personal bookings” with “Oceans for Youth” - cancellation policy as for individuals - hence cancellation insurance might be more important than normal – Provided by Allianz and AG (both European companies). To hold the bookings each diver need to provide a personal check in the amount of $1560 – by 9/22. Port and Environmental fees - $290 – you pay directly in the guest registration process

    VP Overseas Diving
    Nils Jacobsen - overseasdiving@usadiveclub.com


    Contact Nils Jacobsen at overseasdiving@usadiveclub.com for more information!  Download the attached files for Cuba Signup!

    2019 Cuba signup v1.10.pdf

    Cuba NL 0906.pdf

    Aggressors website: http://www.oceansforyouth.org/gardens-queen.php - then click buttons both above and below the pictures

    X-ray magazine have these two articles - I say download and read on a full size computer ...



Club Logo on Your Clothing

Nils Jacobsen has found a local embroidery shop that has scanned our logo and will embroider it on pieces of new clothing for $20 + sales tax. Nils drives by the embroidery shop on his way to work. If you get clothing to Nils at one meeting, he can return it by the next meeting with the embroidery done. For clothes made of an atypical material. please check with Nils before sending them off to be embroidered.

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