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    • May 10, 2022
    • (UTC+11:00)
    • May 17, 2022
    • (UTC+11:00)
    • Volivoli Resort, Fiji

    Volivoli Resort, Fiji

    May 10-17, 2022

    We have one male and one female spot available at advertised prices

    Other spots available - based on double occupancy - at different prices

    2022: We start from home on Thursday 5/8 from MIA(FLL) to Los Angeles (LAX) and continue later the same day to Nadi, Fiji. Airfare LAX-NAD-Solomon is quoted in the Solomon/Bilikiki trip – or check out the Brisbane option. Business upgrade is available – but expensive. Volivoli will pick us up on arrival – no need for Raffles this time, and drive us back to the airport for the departure to Solomon. At present we are 7 people travelling on the vouchers from 2020. This is to allow for new signups – either just Fiji or as an add-on to Solomon.

    DetailsVolivoli - Resort on the north shore of main Island Viti Levu – recently remodeled – it looks great - we spent 2 days there as part of the March 2020 evacuation:

    • Premium Ocean View Villas – ground level
    • Welcome drink on arrival
    • Beach BBQ (Tuesdays)
    • Traditional Meke performance (Thursdays)
    • Double occupancy
    • All taxes and tip included
    • All ground transfers
    • Free use of kayaks and participation in a variety of complimentary resort activities
    • Unlimited shore diving (reserve tanks 24 hours prior) – they have about 5 resident seahorses
    • Full meal plan – 3 meals daily with juice, milk, rain water, coffee, and tea at breakfast
    • 3 days of 2 tank boat diving & 2 days of 3 tank boat diving

    Not Included:

    • Nitrox
    • Airfare MIA(FLL)<->LAX; prices below are from 2020 (subject to change); 2022 should be available in June or July

    Signup is first come first serve – Nils will request to add the rooms only as they sell. If you sign up early the club will cover any potential “single supplement” cost.

    Last update 2021 0603 (0604-0614)

    Please click here to see the full trip details, including costs.

    Please click here to download the signup form.

    • May 17, 2022
    • May 27, 2022
    • Solomon Islands

    Solomon Islands

    Sold out - wait list only

    Bilikiki Live aboard – May 17 May 27, 2022

    The Solomon Islands is an interesting tropical destination inside the Triangle of Diversity. Biodiversity example – they have 50 species of seahorses. Solomon is located south of Equator, closer to PNG than to Fiji. The latitude is very similar to Micronesia. This is in more ways than one a “trip of a lifetime” Our club in our 49 year history has never been there. And if you look at a list of places that might not be here in another 100 years due to sea level raising Solomon is on top of that list! Solomon Islands are the third largest group of islands in the Pacific. We are going there in the dry season – for visibility.

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    • July 09, 2022
    • July 16, 2022
    • Belize Aggressor IV

    New Date due to pandemic: July 09 - 16, 2022

    DEMA Special - $2,900/$2,700

    Sold out - wait list only


    Come join fellow Under Sea Adventurers on a fabulous journey to the beautiful Cayman Islands. While aboard the Cayman Aggressor V, you will have the opportunity to dive 5 times a day.

    Awake to a delicious breakfast.   Then it’s down to the dive deck for the first dive of the day.  After a surface interval, including a snack, it’s time for dive number 2.  When you surface, lunch will be ready. Then….you guessed it, dive number 3.  Now, here comes another snack and surface interval before you get ready for dive number 4.  Dinner is served with beer or wine, so if you are planning for the night dive, soft drinks are on the menu.   

    The Cayman Aggressor V dives the best of Little Cayman, Cayman Brac and Grand Cayman. Port: George Town, Grand Cayman. The Cayman Islands has been an Aggressor destination since 1984.

    The Cayman Aggressor V is a 110’ yacht with a 25-foot beam. Built and powered for comfort, safety and stability, she is diesel-powered, cruises at 10 knots and has 110-volt power onboard. Accommodations include two balcony suites, five deluxe staterooms, each having two single beds or a king, and three twin staterooms, each with two single beds, all side by side. All staterooms have climate controls, TV’s and private bathrooms.

    The Cayman Aggressor V sleeps 20 guests in privacy and comfort. She features a roomy, air conditioned salon and dining area, sun deck complete with a hot tub, lounge and deck chairs, an outdoor sound system, shaded cocktail deck, grill, and a photo editing computer for guests to use.

    Diving amenities include camera table with low-pressure air hoses, and two hot, freshwater showers. The Cayman Aggressor V staterooms each have a safe aboard to store valuables such as passports, cash, credit cards or anything else you would like to store.

    Based on average water temperature observations over the past ten years, the warmest sea in Cayman Islands in July was 85.1 degrees F/29.5°C (in Little Cayman), and the coldest water was 84.7 degrees F/29.3°C (in George Town).

    Built in 2018 and maintained to the specifications of the local regulatory agencies and the regulations of the country of the flag.

    The menu onboard is varied and plentiful, with a variety of American feasts, barbecues and local cuisine.  If you have any special dietary requirements, please be sure these are noted when completing the GIS (guest information sheet).  You will awaken to fresh fruits, hot entrees, cereals and juices. Lunches feature hot soups, homemade breads, salads and sandwiches and/or entrees.  Dinners are chef-prepared and served each evening and include salads, vegetables, seafood, beef or chicken with a fresh homemade dessert. Once onboard, please speak to the chef about any special needs.  Certain special dietary and beverage requests may not be available due to the remote nature of this location.

    The Aggressor’s beverage selection includes fruit juices, soft drinks, iced water, iced tea, coffee, and a limited selection of local beer and wine, which are complimentary.  Due to the high duty charged on liquor, we suggest you bring your special brand. Drinking and diving do not mix.  Once you consume alcohol, you become a sunbather until the next day.

    Their website if full of useful information.  You are able to see the cabins, lounge, dive deck, hot tub and a variety of other interesting ship features.

    Please come and join me, and 19 fellow USA divers, on an unforgettable adventure to the beautiful clear blue water of the gorgeous Cayman Islands. As always, please contact me with any comments, questions or concerns.

    Not included:

    • Airfare: please buy your own – SW, AA, KX, B6 (JetBlue)
    • Port fee: $95
    • Unlimited Nitrox: $100 for the week
    • Friday night dinner: In town…

    It’s always wise to purchase travel insurance for any trip. Here are a few links you can use if interested:

    • https://www.allianztravelinsurance.com/ - a National geographic favorite
    • https://www.diversalertnetwork.org/travel/ a diver’s favorite
    • http://www.mhross.com/ our agent’s favorite
    • PS: Covid-19 specific requirements for Cayman Islands - not yet published; club rules - until further notice - we only travel with fully vaccinated divers...

    Looking forward to having you aboard, Clare Anthon, Trip Leader: hospitality@usadiveclub.org

    Click here for the signup form.

    • March 09, 2023
    • (TST)
    • March 27, 2023
    • (TST)
    • Indonesia, W Papua

    Under Sea Adventurers-dive club:

    Overseas Diving program

    Indonesia: Raja Ampat to Triton Bay

     Damai I, Live aboard – Mar 13-24, 2023

    We have room for 12-14 divers

    Raja Ampat is an interesting tropical destination inside the Triangle of Diversity. Biodiversity is through the roof; one author said “it feels like the Nudies are throwing themselves in your face”. Indonesia is the biggest country in Southeast Asia. West Papua is the East-most Island in the Indonesian Archipelago, located just south of Equator (the other end of that island is PNG - Papua New Guinea). The latitude is very similar to that of Solomon Islands and located about 2000 miles West of Solomon. This is a “trip of a lifetime.” Our club in our 51 year history has never been there – we tried in 2005, but the Pelagian got sold to Wakatobi and our trip got rerouted.

    Our Trip is highly seasonal and only done a few times a year

    The diving is diverse: Plenty of soft coral like Fiji and PNG, hard coral like Kosrae, big animals: Mantas, Sharks, even Whale sharks, Wobbegongs, Napoleons, Turtles, Cuddle Fish, gigantic schools of Jack and Barracudas. There is also plenty of small stuff: Ghost Pipefish, Nudibranchs, and Pygmy Seahorses and of course “Nemo” …

    Getting there: One of the best routings – for comfort and jetlag management - is from New York (JFK) via Frankfurt to Singapore and then to Manado (for either a short “safety stop” or for a full week of land based diving – Lembeh, Bunaken, etc.). Return is from Kaimana, via Sulawesi to Bali.

    Details – Damai 1 is a typical wooden Indonesian dive boat, very spacious – even the smallest room is bigger than the suites we are used to in the Caribean. The staff is very experienced and has been fully retained during the Covid-19 period. There is a dive guide for each 3 (maybe 4) divers

    • 11 nights on the boat – double occupancy
    • 10 days of diving – night dives when possible
    • All taxes and tips included
    • All ground transfers
    • Nitrox, Dive/Snorkel Gear Rental
    • Massage and Laundry Service.
    • Beer, soda, 1 daily glass of wine  

    Not Included:

    • Fuel surcharge (none at the moments)
    • Airfare and hotels and/or land based diving inbound or homebound
    • Park fees - $230 – subject to change

    The priority signup period starts Nov 4 and end Nov 25 (checks will not be cashed until a spot is confirmed; please call for Zelle payments). Single Supplements might be offered based on space available

    Trip insurance, I have a detailed write-up that I can share. Note: due to the remote location the boat requires a minimal level of medical travel insurance. Also note that most likely the Indonesian government will require insurance for “acquired” Covid-19. Please only signup for this trip if you are fully vaccinated – both to protect your fellow divers as well as your own economic interest as there is always a risk that the government can add vaccination as an entry criteria at any moment (this did happen to us travelling to Turks and Caicos – with no impact – because everybody was well prepared. It is also highly likely that airlines will require vaccinations


    https://dive-damai.com/ be sure to check out the picture gallery

    Replays from the meeting 11/4/2021 - members, only - https://usadiveclub.org/members

    Rob Myers presentation (11/4/21): Click here to view the 1st part of Rob's presentation

    My trip introduction: Click here for Nils' trip presentation - Damai I - 3/13-24, 2023

    Rob Myers 2nd – photos from our trip: Click here to view the 2nd part of Rob's presentation

    The first article is “our TRIP” on “our boat”

    https://xray-mag.com/pdfs/mags/X-Ray107_protected.pdf or at least section (pg 15-27)

    Webpage: https://xray-mag.com/content/raja-ampat-papuan-odyssey

    https://xray-mag.com/pdfs/mags/X-Ray69_locked.pdf or at least section (pg 88-93)

    Webpage: https://xray-mag.com/content/shooting-wide-raja-ampat

    http://xray-mag.com/pdfs/xray74/X-Ray74_locked.pdf or at least section (pg 51-60)

    Webpage: https://xray-mag.com/content/indonesias-dampier-strait


    at least section (pages: 26-34: 35-40; 41-52;)

    Webpage: https://xray-mag.com/content/ecologist-mark-erdmann-raja-ampat

    Webpage: https://xray-mag.com/content/indonesias-raja-ampat

    Webpage: https://xray-mag.com/content/raja-ampat-four-kings

    https://xray-mag.com/pdfs/xray54/X-Ray54_iBook_locked.pdf or at least section (pg 70-71)

    Webpage: https://xray-mag.com/content/wobbegongs-raja-ampat

    https://xray-mag.com/pdfs/mags/X-Ray06_locked.pdf or at least section (pg 28-39)

    Webpage: https://xray-mag.com/content/raja-ampat

    Questions? Contact VP of Overseas Diving Nils by e-mail. overseasdiving@usadiveclub.com

    We will have to wait until the ticketing window opens up – in April or later – and schedules gets back to normal “after Covid-19”. PS I have retained a local agent for Airfare inside Indonesia – that is the best way to protect against any late schedule changes

    Click here to see full details of the trip. later

    Click here to download the signup form.

Club Logo on Your Clothing

Nils Jacobsen has found a local embroidery shop that has scanned our logo and will embroider it on pieces of new clothing for $20 + sales tax. Nils drives by the embroidery shop on his way to work. If you get clothing to Nils at one meeting, he can return it by the next meeting with the embroidery done. For clothes made of an atypical material. please check with Nils before sending them off to be embroidered.

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