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Overseas Diving

Upcoming Overseas Dive Trips

    • July 06, 2024
    • July 13, 2024
    • Little Cayman Beach Resort

    LITTLE CAYMAN - 2024, July 6 – 13

    DEMA special = 5 free afternoon dives

    Price is based on a $100 repeat customer discount

    USA divers are returning to Little Cayman in July of 2024. And why not—it’s a relaxing week at the deluxe, full-service resort on Little Cayman Island — one of the world’s best diving locations and within a few hours flight from Florida. It is rated as the number one destination in the Caribbean for wall diving, number two for favorite reef diving, the sea life and underwater photography. The dive sites, water temps and visibility are outstanding.  For those of you who have not experienced the diving at Little Cayman, it ’s everything you can dream about: dramatic vistas, amazing photo opportunities/views, wildlife that must be seen to be believed, especially the very tame and friendly grouper.

    Divers don ’t have to lug gear every day from their rooms or even onto the boat. Your gear will be collected once you arrive and stored at the shop next to the dock. You set up your gear the first day on the boat and after that, the Reef Diver crew set up your gear and change your tanks for you. You need only to stroll down the dock, jump on a boat (the large, comfortable, covered boats) and go diving. The boats are 42 to 46 ft long and 16 ft. wide and have freshwater showers and restrooms.  Rinse tanks and a drying room are on the dock for mask, fins and wet suits.

    Marie York, a USA club member since 1978 and former club president ( will be your trip leader. The journey starts at Miami airport, flying Cayman Airways international economy class to Cayman Brac, then an hour’s transfer by boat to Little Cayman.

    Check for baggage fees.

    Once there, we dive, eat, relax, and just generally have a fantastic time for the whole week! All the diving will be at Little Cayman. There is a pool, Wi-Fi, beach chairs and hammocks, and you can rent kayaks, sailboats, and paddle boards as well.  Meals are included and are served at the Little Cayman Beach Resort.

    Five afternoon dives are included (DEMA special). Nitrox upgrade is $120 for 12 morning boat dives or $170 for 17 morning and afternoon dives. (Prepay and get discounts)

    It is imperative that you let your trip leader know if you are using the group Cayman Airways tickets or scheduling your own flights, which would likely be through Grand Cayman and transfer on a small plane to Little Cayman. (There were not enough seats available for the group booking.) Return flight timing is based upon Nitrox usage standards, so if you are NOT diving on Nitrox, let your trip lead know ASAP.

    It’s always wise to purchase travel insurance for any trip. Here are a few links you can use if interested: - a National geographic favorite a diver’s favorite our agent’s favorite

    To see some photos from prior trips – go to: - and check out 2022/2019/(18)/17/16

    LCBR 2022 - LCBR 2019 – (Cobalt Coast 2018) LCBR 2017 LCBR  2016

    Trip Prices / payment schedule (Tips and all meals included):

    Airfare is estimated high – and based on the Brac/”Ferry” connection

    Non-diver discount, Single Suppl. and price without airfare available on request

    Your passport must be valid until at least 1/13/2025.

    Trip Lead: Marie:

    Click here for the signup form.

    Click here for the .pdf Flyer.

    • July 24, 2024
    • August 03, 2024
    • Solomon Islands

    Solomon Islands - 

    Rescheduling Done - spots available 

    Nils needs your input - please

    Bilikiki Liveaboard – Jul 24 - August 3, 2024

    The Solomon Islands is an interesting tropical destination inside the Triangle of Diversity. Biodiversity example – they have 50 species of seahorses. Solomon is located south of Equator, closer to PNG than to Fiji. The latitude is very similar to Micronesia. This is in more ways than one a “trip of a lifetime” Our club in our 50 year history has never been there. And if you look at a list of places that might not be here in another 100 years due to sea level raising Solomon is on top of that list! Solomon Islands are the third largest group of islands in the Pacific. We are going there in the dry season – for visibility. This is the 4th dates for this trip – at long last the Solomons are open post Covid-19

    Solomon Islands have half a million citizen – only 1-2% speaks English. Many of them “don’t care for cash” – as it is a two-day canoe trip to get to a place to spend money!

    The diving is diverse: Plenty of soft coral like Fiji and PNG, hard coral like Kosrae and Kadavu (Fiji), big animals: Mantas, Sharks, Bump head Parrotfish, Napoleons, Turtles, Cuddle Fish, gigantic schools of Jack and Barracudas. There is also plenty of small stuff: Ghost Pipefish, Nudibranchs, and Pygmy Seahorses and of course “

    There are two lagoons Marovo Lagoon and “Ironbottom Sound” with 90 ship wrecks from World War II – similar to Truck Lagoon – but smaller and less visited.

    Getting there: Just like Fiji – with a “puddle jump” at the end. We start from home on Sunday 7/21 from FLL (or MIA) to Los Angeles (LAX) and continue later the same day to Nadi, Fiji, and on to Solomon the next day*. Airfare is not included at this time – too early to quote. Business upgrade is available – but expensive. We spend a day in Raffles airport hotel. We fly to Solomon early afternoon and board the boat around 4 pm. We have 10 nights on the boat with 8 ½ days of diving. We fly out Saturday afternoon; connect via Nadi, back in LAX at noon – also Saturday, overnight in an airport hotel and fly back - next morning - to avoid the Red-Eye option and back in S Florida Sunday. See below for other travelling options/extensions*

    Details – Bilikiki is the oldest and most experienced live aboard in Solomon with the most experienced sailors…

    • 10 nights on the boat – double occupancy
    • 8 full days of diving, morning dives last day – night dives when conditions allow
    • All taxes and tips included
    • All ground transfers                                  

    Not Included:

    • Airfare: LAX-NAD(Fiji)-HIR(Solomon) (Solomon-PNG) [ticketing window is now open - and the PNG extension is at risk of selling out fast]
    • Raffles(Fiji) one night needed [PS: not needed if you include a land based Fiji stop]
    • Nitrox
    • Fuel surcharge? (being checked)
    • Airfare MIA<->LAX

    Use this schedule for new signups only – if you did sign up for the 2021/22 dates and made payments – I will give you a customized/personal payment schedule

    At this time all sign ups are on first come basis. – Spots are not guaranteed (the boat is allowed to sell to other divers) – please send your sign-up form and deposit ASAP…

    As always, when you sign up for a trip, please consider trip insurance. I have a detailed write-up on insurance principles that I can share if needed?

    Links: at the bottom of the homepage – there is a sign up for their Newsletter. Be sure to check out the picture gallery

    Solomon Islands Tourist site

    Download the full magazine (iPad format) or at least section (pg 85-93)

    Download the full magazine (iPad format) or at least section (pg 22-35)

    Download the full magazine (iPad format) or at least section (pg 50-58)

    Full size laptop or tablet recommended (all 3 X-ray articles)

    Questions? Contact VP of Overseas Diving Nils by e-mail.

    *Other options for airfare – you can do your own and add stop(s) as you please – we did that on the first two Micronesia trips and also for the 2015 Fiji trip. At this time Qantas and United both fly to Solomon via Brisbane (BNE) – but the prices are not competitive… We might not have enough people for a group airfare – please be prepared to pay airfare in full in the next 3 months [PS the early payment schedule is “padded” in preparation for this option] – but I recommend that you let our Fiji agent do your bookings from LAX onwards (both in 2020 and 2022 we suffered Covid-19 induced rescheduling’s – and it all went well – and for free – as our agent works well with Fiji Air…

    Optional extensions:

    • Inbound – any land based Fiji Resort (and hence no layover day at Raffles is needed)
    • Homebound – instead of going back to Fiji – we go to Port Moresby – and on to a land based resort for 7 or 10 days of stay and diving. If you sign up fast you will be part of that decision…

      I have some draft airfare schedules and calendars to share – just let me know …

      VP Overseas diving

      Nils Jacobsen -

      Click here to see full details of the trip. - updated recently (Aug)

      Click here to download the signup form. - updated recently (Aug) 

      Click here to download an Under Current article from Oct. - New (Oct) 

    Club Logo on Your Clothing

    Nils Jacobsen has found a local embroidery shop that has scanned our logo and will embroider it on pieces of new clothing for $20 + sales tax. Nils drives by the embroidery shop on his way to work. If you get clothing to Nils at one meeting, he can return it by the next meeting with the embroidery done. For clothes made of an atypical material. please check with Nils before sending them off to be embroidered.

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