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  • Yap - Palau, Feb. 2019

Yap - Palau, Feb. 2019

  • January 31, 2019
  • February 18, 2019
  • Manta Bay Resort, Yap AND Ocean Hunter III, Palau

Yap – Manta Bay Resort – Feb 03-10, 2019

Ocean Hunter Liveaboard – Feb 11-18, 2019

2019: We start from Home on Wednesday 1/31 from FLL on United – get to Honolulu (HNL) later the same day. On the current schedule (schedules – on United or any other airline – cannot be fully confirmed until 330 days before our return) we have time for an all morning visit to the Pearl Harbor museums. As soon as we have a confirmed group we will try to make a refundable booking for the tour – and if not possible - we will attempt to book the tour as soon as we confirm our airfare. We expect to leave HNL on the afternoon of Thursday 2/1 bound for Guam (GUM). If everything goes well we will stay in GUM for 26 hrs – and even if we misconnect along the way we still have 2 hrs for a “last call” connection. This itinerary is customized to serve dual purposes: we do not want to misconnect the flight late Saturday night 2/2 to YAP – arriving early Sunday morning in Yap – because the next flight is 3 days later! And doing it this way we will be in excellent “lack of jetlag” condition when we arrive …

Details – Manta Bay Resort
Sat night 2/2 we fly to Yap late pm. In Yap we go to Manta Ray Bay Resort / Yap Divers:

  • Ocean View upgrade package - w/ breakfast: 7 Nights/10 (15) Dives
    • Regular rooms are available at minimal saving only
    • (last time – 2017 – we all did upgrades – and loved it)
  • Non-diver with Diver 7 Nights $509
  • Add a 3rd tank, NITROX and lunch (served on the dive boat between the 2nd and 3rd dives) $259
    We all did that last time
  • land tours - not quoted yet/not included – we do the (first) tour on arrival Sunday
  • diving will be Monday to Friday – and departure for GUM will be slightly after midnight Sunday am

Details – Ocean Hunter III
Sunday evening flying to Palau - need overnight hotel in Koror (not quoted/included)

  • Monday 2/11 - noon – board Ocean Hunter III – we dive 2-3 dives the first day
  • We dive 7 days – up to 33 dives
  • Nitrox is included
  • This boat is backed by the biggest local dive shop – “Fish ‘n Fins”
    We can get “all the tanks” /combinations we want
  • permits Palau/Peleliu - $80 included
    (Jellyfish Lake – no word yet that JFL is guaranteed to open for us – add $50+)
  • dock Sunday 2/17 pm - leave Monday am (2/18)
  • day hotel – for midnight+ departure – Tuesday am 2/18 – with the ability to be in FLL on the same day (due to date line crossing)

Ocean Hunter is “the old boat” – “the Grand Dame” in that region (same strategy as we used for Truk in 2017 – that that we all loved…).
Water is 82-86.

I encourage you to check out their websites for a lot of additional details.
Not Included:
   Hotels in Hawaii, Guam, Palau (in and out) and transfers
   Pearl Harbor
   Any personal extensions/excursions – one or two in Yap …
   Dinners in Yap

Price: $6000. This price is based on a DEMA special credit - $200 – for the double booking. For priority signup please make sure your form and check are submitted by 1/18/2018.

As always, when you sign up for a trip please consider trip insurance, especially if tickets must be issued early. If you are interested, our agent will be happy to provide. For insurance purposes everybody’s confirmation date will be between 1/18-1/22/2018.


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YAP (pages 37-44)
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PALAU (pages 45-66)
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