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  • Damai 1, liveaboard, March 13-24, 2023

Damai 1, liveaboard, March 13-24, 2023

  • March 09, 2023
  • (TST)
  • March 27, 2023
  • (TST)
  • Indonesia, W Papua

Under Sea Adventurers-dive club:

Overseas Diving program

Indonesia: Raja Ampat to Triton Bay

 Damai I, Live aboard – Mar 13-24, 2023

We have room for 12-14 divers

Raja Ampat is an interesting tropical destination inside the Triangle of Diversity. Biodiversity is through the roof; one author said “it feels like the Nudies are throwing themselves in your face”. Indonesia is the biggest country in Southeast Asia. West Papua is the East-most Island in the Indonesian Archipelago, located just south of Equator (the other end of that island is PNG - Papua New Guinea). The latitude is very similar to that of Solomon Islands and located about 2000 miles West of Solomon. This is a “trip of a lifetime.” Our club in our 51 year history has never been there – we tried in 2005, but the Pelagian got sold to Wakatobi and our trip got rerouted.

Our Trip is highly seasonal and only done a few times a year

The diving is diverse: Plenty of soft coral like Fiji and PNG, hard coral like Kosrae, big animals: Mantas, Sharks, even Whale sharks, Wobbegongs, Napoleons, Turtles, Cuddle Fish, gigantic schools of Jack and Barracudas. There is also plenty of small stuff: Ghost Pipefish, Nudibranchs, and Pygmy Seahorses and of course “Nemo” …

Getting there: One of the best routings – for comfort and jetlag management - is from New York (JFK) via Frankfurt to Singapore and then to Manado (for either a short “safety stop” or for a full week of land based diving – Lembeh, Bunaken, etc.). Return is from Kaimana, via Sulawesi to Bali.

Details – Damai 1 is a typical wooden Indonesian dive boat, very spacious – even the smallest room is bigger than the suites we are used to in the Caribean. The staff is very experienced and has been fully retained during the Covid-19 period. There is a dive guide for each 3 (maybe 4) divers

  • 11 nights on the boat – double occupancy
  • 10 days of diving – night dives when possible
  • All taxes and tips included
  • All ground transfers
  • Nitrox, Dive/Snorkel Gear Rental
  • Massage and Laundry Service.
  • Beer, soda, 1 daily glass of wine  

Not Included:

  • Fuel surcharge (none at the moments)
  • Airfare and hotels and/or land based diving inbound or homebound
  • Park fees - $230 – subject to change

The priority signup period starts Nov 4 and end Nov 25 (checks will not be cashed until a spot is confirmed; please call for Zelle payments). Single Supplements might be offered based on space available

Trip insurance, I have a detailed write-up that I can share. Note: due to the remote location the boat requires a minimal level of medical travel insurance. Also note that most likely the Indonesian government will require insurance for “acquired” Covid-19. Please only signup for this trip if you are fully vaccinated – both to protect your fellow divers as well as your own economic interest as there is always a risk that the government can add vaccination as an entry criteria at any moment (this did happen to us travelling to Turks and Caicos – with no impact – because everybody was well prepared. It is also highly likely that airlines will require vaccinations


https://dive-damai.com/ be sure to check out the picture gallery

Replays from the meeting 11/4/2021 - members, only - https://usadiveclub.org/members

Rob Myers presentation (11/4/21): Click here to view the 1st part of Rob's presentation

My trip introduction: Click here for Nils' trip presentation - Damai I - 3/13-24, 2023

Rob Myers 2nd – photos from our trip: Click here to view the 2nd part of Rob's presentation

The first article is “our TRIP” on “our boat”

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Questions? Contact VP of Overseas Diving Nils by e-mail. overseasdiving@usadiveclub.com

We will have to wait until the ticketing window opens up – in April or later – and schedules gets back to normal “after Covid-19”. PS I have retained a local agent for Airfare inside Indonesia – that is the best way to protect against any late schedule changes

Click here to see full details of the trip. later

Click here to download the signup form.

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