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BONAIRE August 11th-18th, 2018

August 27, 2018 3:48 PM | Clare Florio Anthon (Administrator)



On August 11th, 2018, seven Under Sea Adventurers were packed and ready to meet at Miami International Airport.

After a delay of 50 minutes, we jetted off to Bonaire Flamingo International Airport. Upon arrival we were met by a van from DIVI. A very friendly driver named Ray safely tucked our luggage away while the group chose seats for the five-minute ride to the resort.

A very delicious Rum Punch welcomed us as we were checking in and receiving our room key, towel card, resort card and event schedule.

I was told Serge, the Dive Shop manager, was waiting for me. I quickly went to meet with him.  I gave Serge all the diver’s completed forms, and there were many!! I was told to have all the divers down at the shop for orientation. After I managed that feat, we were given a tour of the area we would be using all week.  We were told to put all our gear in our preassigned lockers (the picture below is me in my locker) and get ready for a check out dive. Serge wanted us all to be properly weighted to avoid any unsinkable divers in the morning. So after a long day of travel we made a dive.


Sunday morning, after a very hearty breakfast buffet, seven wide-eyed USA’ers were  ready for the first day of diving.  Our package included six days of three- tank diving.  Like clockwork we were all on the boat at 8 o’clock each morning and after an enormous lunch, back on the boat at 2 o’clock every afternoon. 

The water was 81-82 degrees F and as we were anchor diving, a bit of a current.

Orlando, one of our Divemasters was always ready to help and show us all the amazing creatures, large and small.  We were treated to the sights of tuna, tarpon, barracuda, squid and all the beautiful tropical fish we see here. The walls were spectacular and the corals beautiful. 

Our rooms were spacious studios with kitchens and small living rooms that opened to lovely screened porches.


Happy Hour was usually in my room. Thanks to all we had a great assortment of snacks,  cocktails, beer and wine.

The Resort offered Karaoke Night, at the Beachside Bar, so off we went! Needless to say, it was very entertaining. USA’ers are not shy.

On Thursday, the Beachside Bar had a complimentary Happy Hour with hors d’oeuvres and  more Rum Punch, so off we went again. After many “punches” we enjoyed our Private Dinner. We had a choice of a lovely piece of tuna or a HUGE pork chop. Guess what I chose? It was excellent!!


After six divers completed two morning dives on Friday, the rinsing and hanging of gear commenced.  

A group of five decided to rent a van and tour the island.  The Food Manager, Henk, packed a lovely assortment of wraps, fruit and drinks in coolers  for us to take along.

We drove to Washington Slagbaai National Park.  After a very bumpy ride over dirt and rock roads we proceeded to the other end of the island to visit the Salt Flats.


Upon returning from our tour, some of us went to a nearby Italian eatery. Capriccio Ristorante was a short walk from DIVI. We decided to dine all’interno vs. alfresco where complimentary Mimosa’s welcomed us.  The food was delicious and the wine was white and crisp.  

After dinner, we returned to DIVI.  We all gathered and realized our long planned week had come to an end.  A few more beers, cocktails and lots of ice were center stage.


Saturday morning, many were packing and getting all belongings up to the Front Office for check out.  Finally our van appeared! Once again our luggage was safely tucked away as we chose a seat to return to Bonaire Flamingo International Airport.

I will always remember my first trip to Bonaire with the Under Sea Adventurers Dive Club!

Sunny regards,

Clare Florio Anthon

Trip Leader




  • August 27, 2018 4:44 PM | Julie Manhold (Administrator)
    Thanks for sharing your trip report with the rest of us. Sounds like a beautiful place to visit and dive.
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    • August 27, 2018 9:28 PM | Ewa Tomas
      Thank you Clare, you are a great trip leader, always - Ewa and Roman
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