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 Local Diving
 Key Dives, Islamorada mini-trip
 Social Events
 Overseas Diving
 Koreshan State Historic Site mini-trip
 General Meetings


 Overseas Diving - Tobago
 Overseas Diving St. Eustatius/Statia
 General Meetings
 Local Diving  Overseas Diving Little Cayman  Key Largo Mini-trip
 Magalodon Dive  Kayaking Riverbend Park  Kayaking Indian Key
 Kayaking Imperial River  Kayaking Everglades City  Kayaking Loxahatchee Wildlife Refuge
 Kayaking MacArthur Beach Park  Holiday Party  Slumber Safari - Zoo Miami
 Glass Fusion Class  JFK Bunker  Everglades Day Festival
 Looe Key Mini-trip
 BoD Holiday Party


 Overseas Diving - Roatan
 Local Diving - Rapa Nui Reef
 Plaster Castle Social Event
 Megalodon Dive
 Local Diving
 Overseas Diving - Little Cayman
 Holiday Party
 General Meetings
 Winery Tour
 Florida East Coast Liveaboard
 Overseas Diving - Fiji
 Camping Bowling BoD Holiday Party
 Blue Wild
 Overseas Diving - Belize
 Adopt-a-Road May
 Adopt-a-Road February
 Adopt-a-Road August


 Turtle Release
 Boca Bike Ride
 Overseas Diving - Palau
 Paint and Wine
 Paddling Deerfield
 Local Diving
 General Meetings
 Flamingo Gardens
 Fall Party
 Overseas Diving - Dominica
 Overseas Diving - Cozumel
 Bonnet House Tour
 BoD Holiday Party
 Overseas Diving - Bahamas
 Adopt-a-Street February
 Adopt-a-Street August
 Adopt-a-Street May

This page is still under construction. More to come as we load albums into Google Photos.

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