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Vol. 50 No. 07

There will be no USA General Membership meeting in July due to the close proximity of the 4th of July holiday.   We wish all of you a safe and happy holiday celebrating the freedom of our country with family and friends.

Who would have thought a routine visit to my dentist's office would result in a prospective new USA member?  I have had the same dental hygienist for a couple of years now, and the subject of scuba diving came up on this particular visit quite by accident.  She simply asked me if I had any vacation plans for the summer.  When I told her I had a SCUBA trip planned to Grand Cayman, her ears perked up and, to my surprise, she told me she was a SCUBA diver.  She asked lots of questions about our Club and seemed interested in attending a meeting and checking us out on our website.  

It behooves us all to spread the word about our Club to people we meet on a daily basis.   There's always that chance of meeting our next USA Dive Club member.

As always, we invite you to browse through our extensive Photo Gallery to take a look at our social and diving activities.

Overseas Diving Update

Upcoming trips 2022:

  • East End Grand Cayman, July 9-16, 2022  - New Destination: Compass Point Dive Resort & Ocean Frontiers dive shop:
  • Saba - land based - by ferry from St Marten - October 8-15, 2022 - $1,800. 11 dives, Breakfast and Dinner, tips. - A few spots remain open; Special bonus - we are holding a group ticket for the next signup

Upcoming trips 2023:

  • Damai 1, liveaboard, Mar 13-24, 2023 - Trip is full
  • Damai 1, liveaboard, Mar 26-Apr 06, 2023 - 1 spot might be open  
  • Little Cayman Beach Resort (first time in 4 years) - May 20-27, 2023 (this trip will be advertised at our October meeting)

Upcoming trips 2024:

  • Solomon Islands: Bilikiki live aboard, New dates: July 23 - Aug 2, 2024
  • We will start to look at extensions - as a group or individually - prior to the boat
  • If interested, call Nils, or wait for the trip to be advertised again

Preliminary Fiji Trip report - Fiji, May 2022 - and Covid-19 update

16 people went to Volivoli and Garden Island (Taveuni). Weather was great - except for the day a tropical system went by - hundreds of miles away. Diving was great - expect to see the full collection of pictures in a few weeks on our clubs photo-site.

Unfortunately half the group caught a Covid-19 infection.  The quarantine delay ranged from 3 to 8 days. In summary, everybody made it home safely, Nobody needed to be hospitalized. One more infection was detected only after arriving home - for a total of 9 out of 16. A few divers spent weeks before fully recovering. Many of us are still waiting for the insurance claims to settle.

In general - the Covid-19 restrictions for travel worldwide are being reduced or eliminated: we did not have to pre-test to get into Fiji; we did need a negative test to board the Fiji Air planes homebound. For Cayman the requirement to pretest was just canceled (effective 6/30); the US no longer requires a pre-test to travel home. We are vigorously watching the requirements for Saba and Indonesia.

In general - Covid-19 is not gone but have developed in a more and more benign direction (less bad consequences than in the early days). Self protection is still desired and occasionally needed - and since we never know when - we have to do it all the time [Mandated protection - Masks and distancing rules - are also being relaxed around the world.

The one requirements that stands - in most countries around the world - is that entry is contingent on vaccination status. And just a reminder - the event in Fiji - highlights the need for adequate travel insurance including the "newest element" - coverage for quarantine, only [rather than hospital confinement]. Dependent on country - this insurance is sometimes a requirement for entry - in other cases it is voluntary - but always strongly recommended.

Nils Jacobsen
VP Overseas Diving

    Presidents Waves

    Summer is officially here; hope you enjoyed the Summer Solstice on June 21. The water feels great and the club has many options for local diving. The club has local dives scheduled for July 9th and July 23rd.

    Our meetings at the Marriott have continued to be successful. If you are in the area, we would enjoy your company at the next meeting. We don’t have a July meeting so please consider the August meeting to join your friends and have a good evening.

    We planned to restart the Lobster Pot, but with Alan’s wife Dawn has retired, so they are planning to travel more. Please consider joining the Board and helping with our Social Program. Also, if you have items you would like to donate for the Lobster Pot, any donations would be appreciated.

    Happy diving,

    Chris Hardham


    Hospitality Hut

    Greetings From The Hospitality Hut,

    At the June general meeting of the Under Sea Adventurers Dive Club we had a wonderful dive presentation into COLD WATER diving.

    Our speaker, Will Schrier, was accompanied by 3 guests who attended on ZOOM.  Thank you John,  Jordan and Ashley for your attendance.

    Warm water is here!  We know our divers love warm water.  So now is the time to jump on in and join a local dive. I am sure the Blue Heron Bridge is very active regardless of the weather.

    I encourage you to visit our home page www.usadiveclub.org.  Please click on the calendar and keep up to date on all the diving and non-diving scheduled activities. You may also take a look at the photo gallery and take a peek at past events.

    I wish you all Happy Diving.

    Clare Anthon

    Hospitality Coordinator


    Overseas Dive Trips

    Local Diving

    Social events

    • No upcoming social events


    • No upcoming mini-trips

    Educational Blog

    How You Can Prevent Diving Emergencies | Scuba Diving

    This article represents the views of the author.  The article has not been fact checked by myself, the Board of Directors or any member of the USA Dive Club.

    Copyright Disclaimer under section 107 of the Copyright Act of 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, education and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing.


    Preparation can prevent problems large and small.

    By Annie Crawley November 19, 2020

    Don't take basic equipment like masks for granted – it can make or break a dive.

    Even with nearly 10,000 dives, I’ve only had my mask or regulator kicked off twice—both times by students—but I’ve had to clear my mask on every single dive. (If you see fins coming too close to your face, get your arms into action and push those fins away!)

    Twice I’ve had to deliver an alternate air source to a buddy, both during a safety stop. I prevent out-of-air emergencies by checking my own air supply—and my buddies’—multiple times on every dive. I’m vigilant about preventing incidents from occurring, and value continuing education for all divers. Nothing can ruin that trip of a lifetime like not being properly trained or prepared for the adventure you seek.

    Recently, I taught a weeklong Rescue Diver program. The skills students learn in this class—and what dive professionals gain teaching it—will change your diving life forever. I recommend all my students become rescue divers, and also recommend they invest in dependable dive gear from their local retail dive center.

    Breaking down important considerations and protocols will help you “dive like a pro” and recognize and prevent in-water emergencies.

    1. Consider the ABCs of diving: airway, breathing and clearing, on every dive. Even the most experienced divers can have an issue if their eyes, ears, nose or mouth unexpectedly come into contact with water. At the surface, make sure you inflate your BC and are positively buoyant. Have your snorkel or regulator in at all times, to keep your airway clear. When changing between them, dip your face in the water to avoid swallowing water from a passing swell. I know many divers skip the snorkel in pool-like conditions, but wind and weather can change during a dive, turning that “pool” into a washing machine with 3-foot waves. I’m always kitted with a snorkel, on every dive, in case of changing conditions.

    2. Never force your ears to equalize. If you are prone to congestion, check with your doctor. Find a decongestant that works for you. You can get snotty on any dive; knowing how to blow your nose into your mask is an art form. Sometimes when you have difficulty equalizing, you have one stubborn piece of snot in your ear canal. You are stronger than your ears and can hurt them if you push too hard—always relieve pressure by ascending to a shallower depth or to the surface to blow your nose.

    3. A comfortable, properly fitted mask is the No. 1 piece of personal equipment a diver carries. If you or your buddy struggles with mask issues on a dive, it can ruin the dive. There’s nothing worse than a foggy mask—except a night dive with a foggy mask. After you rinse the defog from your mask and seat it on your face, don’t break the seal; if you do, you will need to re-defog your mask.

    During your dive, if you smile, adjust your reg or your mask strap moves on the back of your head, your mask may leak. Clear your mask. If it fills with water again, usually your mask strap is too high or low on the back of your head, or too tight or too loose. The mask could be riding up, giving you a rabbit nose, or falling down over your lips—either way, it breaks the seal and causes a leak. It’s physics.

    Exhale through your nose and move your mask around on your face to seat your mask properly. Adjust your mask strap and check again. A leaky mask can lead to congestion and equalization issues. If you get water in your mask, you can inhale the water, leading to issues with airway control.

    4. Create a routine for every time you dive. Set up your equipment the same way every dive.

    Together with your buddy, do a precheck on your equipment. Remember BWRAF: Begin With Review And Friend, Big White Rabbits Are Fluffy, Beer Wine Rum And Fun—no matter the acronym you choose to use, be sure to check all points and talk about your dive plan before getting into the water.

    ·                            BCD: Make sure it is on properly and you know how to operate it.

    ·                            Weights: Do you have the correct amount, and do you know how to release yours or your buddy’s if needed?

    ·                            Releases: Check all releases including tank release.

    ·                            Air: Do you have a full tank? How do you communicate air issues?

    ·                            Final check: Discuss your dive. I teach this “pre-check” before getting into our exposure suits; our “buddy check” before we get in the water goes quickly because any issues were spotted in our pre-check.

    5. Inspect your mask straps, fins, compass, dive knife, gear collecting bag. Have you bitten through the mouthpiece on your regulator? If you are wearing a hood, have you adjusted your strap to compensate so it is not too tight on your face? Carry a dive slate and dive light with you on every dive. If you are renting gear, does the needle on your air gauge read zero when the air is off, or is it permanently stuck at 500? How did you learn to show air?

    I recommend showing how much air you use with your buddy every 500 psi/40 bar. That way, both buddies are aware of how to adjust their dive plan throughout the dive so they will never run out of air, while maximizing their dive plan and time underwater. Review hand signals.

    Remember to ask for help not because you are weak, but because you want to become a stronger diver.



    (Suspended until live meetings are allowed to resume)

    USA's Lobster Pot drawings Include CASH prizes, and a variety of PRIZES donated by South Florida Dive Shops,
    other Sponsors or Club Members.

    Funds from ticket donations help to support our many club activities. Congratulations to all our Lobster Pot participants. Be sure to visit our Local dive shops who support us and say 'Thanks'.

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