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August 2017 Newsletter

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Vol. 45 No. 8

Program for General Meeting

Dr. Stephen Kajiura's talk is entitled “Snowbird Sharks: Seasonal Abundance and Spatial Distribution of Blacktip Sharks (Carcharhinus limbatus) in Southeast Florida”

He is a Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at Florida Atlantic University. His area of expertise is the sensory biology of sharks and rays with an emphasis on the electrosensory system. In addition to his sensory physiology research, Dr Kajiura studies the massive seasonal aggregation of blacktip sharks in southeast Florida. He incorporates aerial surveys with tagging and acoustic telemetry to document the migration of these sharks along the US eastern seaboard.

Dr Kajiura has conducted research for various agencies including the National Science Foundation, the Department of Defense, and the National Marine Fisheries Service. He has published over 50 papers in peer-reviewed journals and has presented numerous talks at scientific conferences. He has supervised a dozen graduate students and post-doctoral researchers, and has served on numerous thesis committees for students from around the world. Dr Kajiura maintains a strong public outreach service, primarily through television documentary appearances, and has served as an elected member of the American Elasmobranch Society Board of Directors.

Dr Kajiura received his PhD in Zoology from the University of Hawaii, a MS in Marine Biology from the Florida Institute of Technology, and a BSc (Hons) in Marine Biology from the University of Guelph (Canada).

Southeast Florida experiences an enormous seasonal influx of upper trophic level marine predators each year as blacktip sharks (Carcharhinus limbatus) migrate south to overwinter in nearshore waters. These sharks form aggregations ranging from a few individuals to thousands. The sharks are often found in very shallow water, only a few meters from popular swimming beaches which raises concerns about potential negative interactions. To quantify shark abundance and distribution, an aerial survey was conducted during peak season (December - April) from 2011-2017. A low altitude (150m) survey flight was flown from Government Cut (South Beach, Miami) to Jupiter Inlet at approximately biweekly (2011-2014) or weekly (2015-2017) intervals. A high definition video camera recorded a transect from the beach to approximately 200m offshore. Segments of the survey transect were demarcated by inlets, and the number of sharks found within each segment was counted to calculate shark density. During the seven year study, the greatest shark density was consistently found in February and March. Although sharks were seen throughout the entire 132km length of the survey transect, significantly greater numbers of sharks were found at the northernmost third of the transect in Palm Beach County (Boynton Beach Inlet to Jupiter Inlet) where densities exceeded 1,000 sharks km-2. The habitat throughout the transect is largely consistent, so it remains unclear why the sharks are not distributed farther south. Southward migrating sharks might simply stop once they reach appropriate conditions and warming oceans might eventually restrict their migration to increasingly higher latitudes.

Dr. Stephen Kajiura

Ken Glaser
VP of Programs


So far, 2017 has been a busy year for the Under Sea Adventurers. We’ve put two overseas dive trips astern, with one still ahead. The local diving program is going strong with many scheduled for the next couple of months. The first Keys mini- trip was a raging success with another in the works. We had a summer pool party and have some ideas for social events to be held once the diving slows down. See the reports of past events and schedule of future events in the Overseas Diving, Local Diving, Mini-trips and Social sections of this newsletter.

While you can sign up for all events by contacting the person in charge, the very best way is to come to the monthly meetings, held the first Thursday of each month. In addition to finding out what’s going on, signing up for events and socializing, you have the opportunity to experience one of the GREAT PROGRAMS that Ken has been arranging for us. See the Program section of this newsletter for this month’s offering.

Please investigate what your club is doing and join us!

Phebe Young

Local Diving

Hospitality Hut

Summer Greetings From the Hospitality Hut,

Thanks to Julie Manhold for standing in for me at the July general meeting of the Under Sea Adventurers Dive Club.

The Hut was buzzing with activity! Five first-time guests and two returning guests were introduced to the members.

Thank you Ryan Goheen for bringing Abby Beckman and Zaher Hajar to their first meeting. Abby is a new diver with 10 dives in her log book. She was certified in Boca Raton. Zaher is also a new diver with 10 logged dives. It is nice when married couples take the plunge together. Abby and Zaher submitted membership applications and were approved for membership at the July BOD meeting. Be sure to welcome them.

Quinn Atkinson found us on Facebook. Quinn is an instructor certified in 1995 with over 2000 dives.

Next the club met George O’Neill. George came to us from member Ronnie Farr. He was certified in 1974 in Crystal River and has logged over 500 dives. George’s membership application was approved at our July BOD meeting. Welcome aboard George.

SFUPS recommended Bill Williams attend a meeting. Bill was certified in New Jersey as an Open Water diver and has 500 dives under his weight belt.

Returning guests Candy Hickman and Stephanie Voris have both submitted membership applications and were also approved at the July BOD meeting. Welcome Candy and Stephanie.

Thank you all for your interest and support.

I encourage you to visit our home page www.usadiveclub.com. Please click on the calendar and keep up to date on all the diving and non-diving scheduled activities. You may also take a look at the photo gallery and take a peek at past events.

I wish you all Happy Diving,

Clare Anthon
Hospitality Coordinator


We are very happy to announce the arrival of five new members. Thank you Ryan and Ronnie for your new member referrals. Our new members are:

  • Abby Buckman
  • Zahar Hajar
  • Stephanie Voris
  • Candy Hickman
  • George O'Neill

Welcome! Please join us in all our fun activities and get to know our super members. We look forward to getting to know you better.

We have a pretty active dive season both with diving and other social activities. Please bring a friend that would like to dive with some super people. Bring them to our social gatherings as well. We have a great group of people and the only way you will get to know them is to spend a little time, have a little fun and laugh a lot.

Encourage friends and fellow divers to join USAer’s for all club activities. Guests are not required to be USA Dive Club members to participate in USA functions. Guests are always welcome when accompanied by a member.

Eunice Hamblen
Membership Coordinator

Overseas Dive Trips


Social Activities

News from the Social Desk

Independence Day Weekend Kickoff Party

As promised – we had a truly excellent pool/cocktail party on July 1 at the home of Eunice Hamblen. We learned many useful things: pool volley ball is really hard regardless of whether you’re swimming or floating in an inner tube; it is best to move the food indoors before engaging in a water gun shoot out; porch swings around the pool are a really good idea; beer is good (no, wait, we already knew that); we have some amazingly good cooks in this club (actually, knew that too)! It was great fun, and we thank Eunice for opening her home and pool to us.
Pool Party

Upcoming events include:


  1. Miniature Golf and Lunch or Dinner
    Where and when: open for suggestions miniature golf

  2. Game Night
    Roger Cooper/Amy Wellman have offered to open their home for an evening of board games and socializing. Of course, bring food and drink to share. game night

  3. Wine tasting
    Where and when: open for suggestions wine tasting

  4. Silverball Museum
    Classic pinball and arcade games, informal dining, wine and beer. http://silverballmuseum.com/delray-beach/$15/afternoon or evening, includes all games silverball

  5. Swamp Walk and lunch
    Park Ranger guided eco-walk through the Big Cypress Swamp, Ochopee, Florida. See http://clydebutcher.com/big-cypress/swamp-walks/ swamp walk 1  swamp walk 2  swamp walk 3

Bulletin Board1

Place an ad to buy or sell gear, or promote a dive related event that will be of general interest to club membership. Email your ad to newsletter@usadiveclub.com

Elected Board Position Opening for 2017

We are looking for a member to assume the role of VP of Social Events beginning in May of 2017. If you are interested in giving back to the club and have interest in doing this job, please contact any current board member.


Timeshare for rent in Marathon, FL, Aug. 19-26

2 Bedroom, 2 bath timeshare in Marathon, Fl for rent. Aug. 19 to Aug 26. Sleeps 4 comfortably plus there is a pull out couch in the living room. It sits on the gulf side with a nice view of the water at Marathon Key Beach Club. If you are interested in renting for the week, $1350, call Steve Jurczak at 954-899-3850. I also may be interested in selling the unit. Thanks!

Akona Mesh Backpack - $25 each - Have two to sell

These Akona mesh dive gear backpacks are in good condition. They have an external zippered pocket in front, an internal semi-dry pocket in back, and a zipper that runs down the full length of the bag to provide easy access without having to unload the entire bag. They have well-padded adjustable shoulder straps, a side handle, and a top grip.

Contact rogertcooper@gmail.com

ForSale1 ForSale1


USA’s Lobster Pot drawings include CASH for 50/50 winners, and a variety of PRIZES donated by South Florida Dive Shops, other Sponsors or Club Members

Funds from ticket sales help to support our many club activities. Congratulations to all our Lobster Pot winners. Be sure to visit our local dive shops who support us and say ‘Thanks’.

Cash Prize $55.00 donated by Club   Jay Gillespie
$20 off coupon for local dives donated by Club   Julie Manhold and Daryl Johnson
World of Scuba 5 free air fills   Miriam Prieto
Force-E $25 gift card   Stephanie Voris
Divers Direct Cooler   Chris Hardham
1 DAN luggage tag and Men’s Large Dive Gloves   Abby Buckman
Floating buoy for camera   Carrol Frederick
Aqua pod mini   Laura Moran

Larry Townsend
Promotions Coordinator

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