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September 2022 Newsletter

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Vol. 50 No. 09

As always, we invite you to browse through our extensive Photo Gallery to take a look at our social and diving activities.

Overseas Diving Update

Last trip - 2022

  • Saba - land based - by ferry from St Marten - October 8-15, 2022 - $2.500, 11 dives, Breakfast and Dinner, tips and transportation. Spots might be available - but the airfare is nearly "Sold Out"
  • Any additional divers: Please inquire with Ronnie or Nils - there are ways to offset the unexpected high airfare: go a day late; go a day early; add a day or two - if interested, please inquire...

Upcoming trips 2023:

  • Damai 1, liveaboard, Mar 13-24, 2023 - Trip is full
  • Damai 1, liveaboard, Mar 26-Apr 06, 2023 - Trip is full
  • Little Cayman Beach Resort (first time in 4 years) - May 20-27, 2023 (this trip will be advertised at our October meeting)

Upcoming trips 2024:

  • Solomon Islands: Bilikiki live aboard, New dates: July 23 - Aug 2, 2024
  • We will start to look at land based extensions before Bilikiki - as a group or individually.
  • If interested, call Nils, or wait for the trip to be advertised again.
Past trips 2022:

Final Trip reports for Fiji (May) and - Cayman (July) are both still pending due to Covid-19 delays...

Nils Jacobsen
VP Overseas Diving

    Presidents Waves

    Happy Labor Day to everybody. I hope everybody enjoys the long weekend. Please remember that the Club does not have a meeting in September due to the holiday weekend. 

    It is election time of year again, the Board has a meeting on September 7th to review the proposed slate of officers to present to the membership for your consideration in the upcoming election. 

    We still need volunteers to help run the club. With Alan traveling more, we need someone to help with social duties like monthly outings and the Lobster pot at our meetings, please consider joining the Board and helping with our Social Program. Also, if you would like to donate for the Lobster Pot, any donations would be appreciated.

    Happy diving,

    Chris Hardham



    Overseas Dive Trips

    Hospitality Hut

    Greetings from the Hospitality Hut,

    Without a meeting in September, I look forward to meeting some guests at our October General Membership meeting.    

    With October just around the corner, most of the country will be cooling down...but not Florida.  Our warm waters continue to lure divers in a southerly direction.  This gives us locals a great opportunity to keep our ears and eyes open for new member possibilities.

    Just the other day, as I started my most recent vacation, I discovered that my limo driver was a diver.  It only took a brief conversation before he was telling me about how much he loved the sport.  I always keep a supply of USA Dive Club business cards with me so I handed one to him and hope to see him sometime in the future.

    I encourage you to visit our home page www.usadiveclub.org.  Please click on the calendar and keep up to date on all the diving and non-diving scheduled activities. You may also take a look at the photo gallery and take a peek at past events.

    I wish you all Happy Diving.
    Clare Anthon
    Hospitality Coordinator

    PS. Hat courtsey of Nils in Grand Cayman

    Local Diving

    Educational Blog


    By Robert N. Rossier

    It’s like taking a stroll downtown at night,” said our instructor, Don. “Everybody is out — a really wild time.” Waving his arms in animated motion, he proceeds to describe the reef-city after dark. “You’ve got corals and tubeworms dancing to the tune of the tides, tentacles swaying in the gentle current. A parrotfish is curled up on the corner in its translucent sack, trying to sleep it off, while gangs of crustaceans cruise the dark corners of the reef’s back streets. And the city lights are a thing of beauty — a soft glow of bioluminescent algae and comb jellies. But like taking a stroll through the city at night,” he warns, “you’ve got to be careful, take precautions. After all, it’s a different world down there at night.”

    When you first hear about night diving, that’s the focus — the difference in the marine life at night. But how about us, the divers? Are we different, too? At first blush, night diving might not seem like such a big deal. It’s dark, so we use dive lights. No problem, right? But nothing is that simple in diving.

    In reality, some very important differences distinguish day from night diving. Diving at night introduces an entirely new regime of human factors considerations that affect our physiological, psychological and biomechanical adaptation to the underwater environment. By understanding these human factors considerations, we can improve our aquatic decision-making and safety in the water after dark.

    Click here to read the full article on our website.


    (Suspended until live meetings are allowed to resume)

    USA's Lobster Pot drawings Include CASH prizes, and a variety of PRIZES donated by South Florida Dive Shops,
    other Sponsors or Club Members.

    Funds from ticket donations help to support our many club activities. Congratulations to all our Lobster Pot participants. Be sure to visit our Local dive shops who support us and say 'Thanks'.

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