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Vol. 46 No. 7

Program for General Meeting


by Ralph Krugler

Mr. Krugler is the Historian and on the Board of Directors of the Hillsboro Lighthouse Preservation Society. He is also on the Board of the Florida Keys Reef Lights Foundation, which is trying to save offshore lighthouses and restore them. He is also a member of the United States Lighthouse Society and a member of the Florida Lighthouse Association.

Mr. Krugler assists with tours of the Hillsboro lighthouse. He is also part of the Fresnel lens cleaning crew, and assists with some tower maintenance. His book, titled "The (Almost) Complete History of the Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse," is nearing publication.

Presidents Waves

Check out Howard's local dive reports on our Facebook page. He reported conditions on Sunday just like the conditions we had for the club dive on Saturday. The water was warm, around 85 degrees, and the sea was flat. Visibility was good, in the 60 to 70 foot range. We dove on two wrecks and were enchanted by large schools of fish swimming all around us. My wife came back with some great videos shot from the middle of swarms of fish.

We also attended the wonderful social event on Sunday at CoopersHawk Restaurant and Winery. We started with tasting eight different wines made for the restaurant's private label. They have a large variety of wines and there was something for everyone. Then we sat down to dinner. The food was excellent and the company was great. Thanks for putting together another great social event, Alan.

Speaking of social events, I have heard that a follow-up to this month's presentation will be an event that includes a lighthouse tour. Please plan to attend the meeting so you will know before you go.

When you get a chance, thank Ryan for all the work he is doing scheduling local dives and mini-trips. Then check the calendar and sign up for some dives.

Happy diving,

Roger Cooper

Overseas Dive Trips


Local Diving

Hospitality Hut

Greetings and Salutations!

The June general meeting of the Under Sea Adventurers Dive Club was a huge success!

Just as we were getting underway, a lovely couple arrived.  Faustino "Tino" Dina and his wife, Lulu, joined our very happy group!

"Tino" is a brand new diver.  He was certified in 2018 and has logged 4 dives.  He received his certification in Tarpon Lagoon.  Lulu does not dive, yet.

I encourage you to visit our home page www.usadiveclub.org .  Please click on the calendar and keep up to date on all the diving and non-diving scheduled activities. You may also take a look at the photo gallery and take a peek at past events.

 I wish you all Happy Diving,

Clare Anthon

Hospitality Coordinator


Hello Divers,

Membership would like to welcome Jay Rubin to the USA Dive Club.  Jay has been to a couple of our general meetings and been diving with the club.  As a new diver, he has picked the right club in which to increase his diving skills.  Welcome Jay!

Remember guests are always welcome to our club meetings and to our activities when accompanied by a current member.  We are a dive club with the addition of various social activities.  Our members are fun and welcoming.   This club is run by volunteers and we encourage all members to contribute to this great club in some way.  Happy July and warm waters everyone!


Eunice Hamblen
Membership Coordinator

Social events


USA’s Lobster Pot drawings include CASH prize winners, and a variety of PRIZES donated by South Florida Dive Shops, other Sponsors or Club Members

Funds from ticket sales help to support our many club activities. Congratulations to all our Lobster Pot winners. Be sure to visit our local dive shops who support us and say ‘Thanks’.

Cash prize of $32.00 donated by Club
  Eunice Hamblin - donated the prize back to the Club
$20 off local dives donated by Club
  Robert Shearer and Faustino Dina
Dry bag donated by Larry Townsend
  Miriam Prieto
Bistro flatbread coupon by Courtyard of Marriott
  Robert Shearer and Bob Weybrecht
Free 1-day tank rental or air refill by Force-E
  Ken Glaser
T-shirt donated by Force-E
  Roman Boszko
"Magic Beneath the Seas" by Steve Kovacs from Bill Watts

Miriam Prieto
Regulator bag donated by Force-E
  Faustino Dina
Lobster tickle-stick donated by Karen Hausheer
  Bruce Ayala
Reef Coral ID book by Paul Human donated by Chris Hardham
  Carol Schurtz
DAN Luggage tags   Kim Whaley


Russ and Julie Manhold
Promotions Coordinators

Bulletin Board1

Place an ad to buy or sell gear, or promote a dive related event that will be of general interest to club membership. Email your ad to newsletter@usadiveclub.com


Dell 2400mp projector.  Includes manual, remote, power cord, new spare lamp.  $100. Contact avguy@usadiveclub.com.

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