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                USA Dive Club - Board of Directors

Elected Officers
Name E-Mail
 President  Roger Cooper
 VP of Programs  Ken Glaser
 VP of Overseas Diving  Nils Jacobsen
 VP of Social Events  Alan Feuerman
 VP of Local Diving  Ryan Goheen
 Secretary  Amy Wellman
 Treasurer  Ronnie Farr


Appointed Position Name E-Mail
 Audio/Video Coordinator  Roman Boszko
 John Ficarra
 Photographer  Ewa Tomas
 Membership Coordinator  Eunice Hamblen
 Hospitality Coordinator  Clare Anthon
 Social Media Coordinator  Howard Ratsch
 Promotions Coordinator  Russ Manhold
 Julie Manhold
 Webmasters/Newsletter  Roger Cooper
 Historian  Robert Shearer
 Mini Trip Coordinators  Ryan Goheen
 Jay Gillespie
 Safety Coordinator
 Tom Stenger

USA Dive Club - Hall of Fame

According to the By-Laws of the Under Sea Adventurers Dive Club, members of the Board of Directors are awarded Hall Of Fame membership in recognition of long and dedicated service to the organization.  Credit is received for each month of service as a member of the Board of Directors.  When a total of 84 service months is earned (the equivalent of 7 years of service), the Board member is inducted into the Hall Of Fame.

The Under Sea Adventurers Dive Club salutes our Hall Of Fame members:

MaryMay Angelil

Clare Florio Anthon

Alan Barrows

Glada Blench

Roman Boszko


Linda Caldwell

Sarah Crisanto

Joe DellaFera

Ester Drury

Jim Dunn

Anne DuPont

Ronnie Farr

John Ficarra

Kathy Ficarra

Sue Fish

Chuck Goby

Gerry Greene

Nancy Greene

Paul Guyon

Linda Ianniello

Nils Jacobsen

Dianne Johnston

Larry LePage

Mary LePage

Chary Lynn

Russ Manhold

Julie Manhold

Patrice Marker

Ray McAllister

Kathi McCutcheon

Steve McCutcheon

Carl Meyer

Jerry Millspaugh

Kathy Millspaugh

Paul Molinari

Carl Nolting

Hank Paurowski

Sue Revie

Carol Schurtz

Gary Sharp

Robert Shearer

Ann Stambaugh

Roger Styles

Judy Townsend

Larry Townsend

Marilyn Van Valkenburg

Bob Weybrecht

Kim Whaley

Marie York

Phebe Young

Bob Young

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