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Wide Angle Shark Photography – Not Just Another Portrait (In Person speaker)

June 06, 2024 7:00 PM | Rick Dayan (Administrator)

Often, when I look at shark photography on social media, in magazines, or at many presentations, I have noticed that although the photos are of interesting sharks, and technically excellent, they lack sizzle – the wow factor! Why is that? Most underwater photographers are so caught up in the capture, that they forget about creating a story or an imaginative and artsy photograph, and just photograph the standard side view portrait. Granted, many underwater photographers have taken a huge step out of their comfort zone, just to dive with and photograph sharks. I will be discussing the next step(s) and will explain how I plan, set up, design, and photograph sharks in the wild.

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Gary Rose MD has been a certified diver for over 45 years and is a PADI OpenWater Instructor. As a Plastic Surgeon and former Associate Professor of Microbiology and Surgery at the College of Medicine at Florida Atlantic University, he has fulfilled his life passion as a marine biologist with his research on marine microorganisms, as well as large ocean apex predators.  Dr. Rose lectures all over the world on “Shark Identification and Behavior” and gives seminars on “Updates On Diving Medicine”. An avid underwater photographer, his articles appear in Alert Diver and X-RAY magazines.   Dr. Rose is a member of the Divers Alert Network and The Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society. You can find him on weekends diving our local waters and photographing our plentiful and diverse sharks. You can reach him at

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