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Bermuda Triangle: Into Cursed Waters (In Person Speaker)

October 11, 2023 12:30 PM | Rick Dayan (Administrator)

Underwater Explorer Jimmy Gadomski from History Channel’s Bermuda Triangle: Into Cursed Waters joins us to talk about recent exploration dives coming up on Season 2 and past expeditions that have led to many different shipwreck discoveries.  Jimmy is an experienced technical dive instructor and captain based in South Florida and involved in many different projects along the east coast US and the Caribbean.  Documenting and capturing history is the main focus of work through photography and cinematography and he will show how photogrammetry is assisting in the discoveries and how this is a useful tool in the industry.

Into Cursed Waters is a History Channel show that focuses on shipwreck discoveries following dive expeditions of Jimmy Gadomski and Mike Barnette with technical diving depths of up to 500' and Submarine/ROV diving of depths to 1000'+.  Last year the team discovered a piece of the Challenger Spacecraft tragedy of Jan 28, 1986 while searching for the PBM Martin Mariner which went missing in the Bermuda Triangle searching for the mysterious disappearance of Flight 19.

The Pulaski Steamship is also a Historical shipwreck that has been identified by a candlestick holder with the engraving “Pulaski” on it which Jimmy pulled from the wreckage in 2017, and since then many gold & silver coins as well as artifacts have come off the wreck which is still being worked to this day.

From treasure finds, to exploration and discoveries, to deep technical diving, this will be an exciting talk, maybe even with some new discoveries from the most recent   expeditions!

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