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February Speaker: Wetwear Inc. (in person speaker, please plan to attend)

January 19, 2022 1:10 PM | Rick Dayan (Administrator)

Connie Sonnabend is the CEO/owner of Wetwear Inc. and the club's guest speaker for February.

Wetwear has been manufacturing custom-made to measurement wetsuits for over 40 years and is located on the west side of I-95 just south of Hallandale Beach Boulevard. Connie has measured and made over 20,000 custom wetsuits since becoming the owner of Wetwear in 2001. Wetwear has created a very unique wetsuit called the Easy on Wetsuit. Long expansion zippers in the arms and legs  along with a slanted back entry zipper allows divers to don their wet suits in less than two minutes. Wetwear also offers an array of options you can add to your wetsuit such as seal sets at the wrist, ankle and neck to make your suit semi dry. Also, options such as hoods, spine pads, pockets, butt pads, elbow pads, relieve zipper and more.

Connie will guide you to make the proper choices with wetsuit thickness needed to keep you warm and comfortable in various water temperatures. Wetwear also has a military contract for the air rescue swimmer suits and supply numerous police and fire departments with specialized wetsuits for search and recovery. Wetwear produces wetsuits for movies, plays, commercials such as River Wild, Cape Fear and Mamma Mia to mention a few. Wetwear has a neoprene proto-typing department helping inventors bring their product to market. 

You can visit the Wetwear website or stop by Wetwear located at 2930 SW. 30th Ave., Suite A in Hallandale, FL.

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