November President's Waves

October 27, 2021 8:33 PM | Chris Hardham (Administrator)

Happy November, Fall is here and hurricane season is over. Hope everybody is enjoying some diving while the water temperatures are still very comfortable. The club has a lot of local diving going on, so plenty of opportunities to see our friends and share a good dive.

Unfortunately FWC voted to allow limited harvesting of Goliath groupers, this is a sad thought for me and I am sure most of our membership. They are such beautiful giants. I go busy and didn't do any Goliath dives this year.

I will be going to DEMA with Nils this year to look for a trip opportunity for next fall for the club and my first DEMA experience. I am looking forward to it.

For all of the members that are vaccinated and comfortable with live meetings, we would enjoy your company. Especially for our live presenters like this month with Rob Myers.

It is that time of year again already, we have Board Elections upcoming and need your assistance in continuing our great club. The following are the current officers and they have agreed to serve for the next year.

Office Current Officer  2022 
President Chris Hardham Yes
VP of Overseas Diving Nils Jacobson Yes
VP of Local Diving Ryan Goheen Yes
VP of Programs Rick Dayan Yes
VP of Social Events Alan Feuerman Yes
Secretary Amy Wellman Yes
Treasurer Ronnie Farr Yes

Please be aware that any member meeting the qualifications can be nominated at any of our membership meetings prior to the election.

If you would like to view free Zoom tutorials, you can find them here. Or you can take a free Zoom class from Geeks On Tour here.

Don't forget to keep checking our Facebook page for the interesting articles Russ is posting.

Happy diving,

Chris Hardham

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