December 2019 President's Waves

November 29, 2019 6:48 AM | Roger Cooper (Administrator)

We held our annual election during the November meeting. Here are our elected officers for 2020.

 President:  Roger Cooper
 VP Programs:  Ken Glaser
 VP Overseas Diving:  Nils Jacobsen
 VP Local Diving:  Ryan Goheen
 VP Social:  
 Secretary:  Amy Wellman
 Treasurer:  Ronnie Farr

Appointed officers will be selected during the first Board meeting in January.

This club used to give out commemorative plaques each year to celebrate the work of the volunteers who keep the club running. Eventually, folks realized they just didn't need a lot of plaques around the house, and the custom ended. However, that does not mean that our appreciation for our volunteers has ended. All of our elected and appointed officers are volunteers who put in a lot of work behind the scenes so we can have social events, overseas dive trips, local diving, meetings, a website, a Facebook page, and a functioning corporation that pays taxes and files paperwork on time.

During this season for giving thanks, please remember to thank our volunteers for the work they do. And if you can find a bit of time in your schedule, please volunteer to help out, because we would all appreciate the help. Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!

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