October 2019 President's Waves

September 15, 2019 4:40 PM | Roger Cooper (Administrator)

The Board of Directors has decided to hold the annual election at our General Meeting in November.

Club Bylaws require that the Board’s proposed slate of officers be presented to you in the two newsletters before the election.  Presented for your consideration are the following:

 President:  Roger Cooper
 VP Programs:  Ken Glaser
 VP Overseas Diving:  Nils Jacobsen
 VP Local Diving:  Ryan Goheen
 VP Social:  
 Secretary:  Amy Wellman
 Treasurer:  Ronnie Farr

Anyone interested in running for a position on the Board should notify me, either at a General Meeting or by email (president@usadiveclub.org).

Our Club needs volunteers to help with several important jobs. If you can spare even a bit of time, please get involved. We would like to form committees to spread the workload, so you don't have to commit large amounts of time. But we won't know you are interested unless you let us know.
  • Several people have ideas for things to do, but we need someone to volunteer to be Vice President for Social Events.
  • Ken Glaser is looking for help with Programs and Promotions. If we could put together some small committees to help with these jobs, that would be ideal. Please contact Ken if you can help.
  • We need help with Audio/Video equipment for monthly meetings. Roman Boszko has resigned so he and Ewa can travel more, and John Ficarra has notified us that he and Kathy will also be traveling quite a bit. Please contact John if you can help out.
  • We still need a Photographer for Club events, or a few people who are willing to share the duty. Please contact me if you could help us by taking pictures at club events.

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