July 2019 President's Waves

June 27, 2019 4:43 PM | Roger Cooper (Administrator)

IMPORTANT: There is no meeting this month due to the first Thursday being the 4th of July.

So get out there and enjoy those fireworks, 4th of July sales, and maybe some diving with your extra day off.

Our club has a group taking off to go diving in Cuba on the Jardines Aggressor II, July 6 through 13. You may have heard there are new restrictions on Americans going to Cuba, banning the most common ways Americans travel to the island. However, this trip was booked prior to the restrictions going into effect and therefore is allowed. Our travelers can expect a wonderful week of diving in the Gardens of the Queen marine reserve, and lots of encounters with sharks. Have fun, folks.

A group of us recently went diving at the Blue Heron Bridge on a Monday afternoon. We saw octopus, pipe fish, various crabs, lots of baby flounder, lots of arrow crabs, and tiny bristle worms all over the place. I'd like to go back again soon to see what else I can find. It helps to go with friends so you have multiple spotters. That worked out well for us.

On our Facebook page, check out the article about the sinking of the Majestic Explorer liveaboard in the Galapagos islands. Imagine having to get off your liveaboard in the middle of the night with just your passport and the clothes you are wearing. The 14 passengers on that yacht were transported from boat to boat eight times during a 10-hour trip back to port.

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