February 2019 President's Waves

January 22, 2019 5:05 PM | Roger Cooper (Administrator)

At the Board of Directors meeting in January, the following people were appointed to positions on the Board of Directors. Thanks to everyone who has volunteered time and effort to work for our club.

Appointed Position Name
 Audio/Video Coordinator  Roman Boszko
 John Ficarra
 Membership Coordinator  Eunice Hamblen
 Stephanie Voris
 Hospitality Coordinator  Clare Anthon
 Social Media Coordinator  Howard Ratsch
 Promotions Coordinator  Alan Feuerman
 Ken Glaser
 Newsletter  Chris Hardham
 Webmaster  Roger Cooper
 Historian  Robert Shearer
 Mini Trip Coordinator  Ryan Goheen
 Safety Coordinator
 Tom Stenger

We are still looking for a volunteer to be club photographer. If you like taking pictures at events, then please volunteer to help. You do not have to attend every event or attend Board meetings. If we could find multiple people to switch off taking pictures at events, that would be great too. Please contact me or any Board member if you would be willing to help us record the history of our club.

While we have no official photographer, the Board asks every event organizer to find someone willing to take pictures at the event, and send the pictures to Julie Manhold. If the event organizer is not too busy during the event, they can take the pictures. Thanks for helping us keep a record of the fun we have.

In the January meeting, I asked how many people like to see sharks while diving. Quite a few hands went up. Therefore, in an effort to show what you are missing if you don't go to Cuba, here are some links to short videos I shot while in Cuba.   Facebook Video 1  Facebook Video 2  And a photo album.

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