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November 2018 President's Waves

October 27, 2018 8:45 AM | Roger Cooper (Administrator)

USA Dive Club Members:  Club Bylaws require that the Board’s proposed slate of officers be presented to you in both the November and December newsletters.  Presented for your consideration are the following:

 President:  Roger Cooper
 VP Programs:  Ken Glaser
 VP Overseas Diving:  Nils Jacobsen
 VP Local Diving:  Ryan Goheen
 VP Social:  Alan Feuerman
 Secretary:  Amy Wellman
 Treasurer:  Ronnie Farr

Elections will be conducted at the General Membership meeting held in December. This year the General Membership meeting will be held at the Township Community Clubhouse (the corner of Copans Road and Lyons Road) on Thursday, December 6. The Holiday party is at the Courtyard by Marriot the following weekend. Note that the election is at the free General Membership meeting on Thursday at the Township Community Clubhouse, not the Holiday Party for which we have to pay. The Board of Directors did not want members to have to pay to come to the election.

The results of the opinion polls were as follows.

Should the membership continue to approve Rules changes or should Board of Directors approval be enough to approve Rules changes?

  • Membership should continue to vote on Rules changes = 25
  • Board of Directors approval should be enough to make Rules changes = 8

How would you like to see the Club use this polling mechanism in the future? (Please check all that apply.)

  • Allow the membership to vote on things like Rules changes = 26
  • Allow the membership to vote in Club elections = 24
  • Collect opinions from the membership = 22

Would you like to participate in local diving year-round?

  • Yes. Let's go diving all year = 12
  • No. Just warm-water diving for me = 6
  • Other: Year round, but less often off season. (1 write-in)

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