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September 2017 President's Waves

August 30, 2017 3:05 PM | Phebe Young

You may recall our January program when Wilhelmina Stanton gave a moving account of the experiences she has had and witnessed as a diver with Diveheart, an organization that provides scuba diving instruction, opportunities and adventures to people with disabilities. In Cozumel we shared a hotel with a group of disabled divers and their buddies from Diveheart. While our dive and meal schedules did not permit a great deal of interaction, we were able to chat a bit with members of their group. It was as inspiring as Willie told us it is! First and foremost, all of them, disabled or not, were HAVING FUN! One wheelchair-bound woman I talked to told me, while her buddies were piling gear in her lap, that she’s logged over 60 dives since 2004, all with Diveheart. None of us is a more enthusiastic diver than this woman. It’s always good to see what we’ve been told in a program translated into action!

Speaking of Cozumel, it was a great trip. Fun friends, beautiful dives and amazing luck: there was a storm the week before we were there and one the week after but the week or our visit: BEAUTIFUL! Our one night dive ranks as one of my best dives ever. I’ve never seen so many octopi out and about. I’m sure many of us (not me) got great pictures on that dive but you really should see Alan’s videos!

So the overseas portion of the 2017 program is behind us but the local dive activities continue unabated. Also, we’ve got some new and different social events scheduled for the rest of the year. Check out what your club has to offer!

Happy bubbles,


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