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2024 June Membership

May 08, 2024 9:18 PM | Julie Manhold (Administrator)

Nick Nash resides on the west coast of Florida, specifically the Fort Myers area.  He discovered the USA Dive Club while searching for a dive club on the Internet.  Although he is new to the sport, he has cherished the dream of becoming a scuba diver since childhood.  Therefore, he considers his first dive as his most memorable dive, having finally accomplished something he has wanted to do all his life.

He has a long list of diving destinations he would like to explore including the Red Sea, diving in Mexico while on a cruise vacation, visiting the Florida springs such as Devil's Den, diving with the grouper in West Palm Beach, and lobster hunting in the Keys or Miami. 

Nick spent eight years working as a nurse before making a recent career change. He is now a real estate sales associate and is working in property management.  Apart from scuba diving, Nick has a few other interests including a love of cars, particularly the Mercedes Benz.  He is also a fan of tattoos and dogs and helps animals whenever he can.  You can find Nick exercising at the gym, fishing, and taking nature walks.  Additionally, neurochemistry and psychology are some of his top interests. 

Mark Osherow was recommended to join the USA Dive Club by a friend.  He is a Master Diver with over 300 dives and holds 11 certifications.  Mark is excited to participate in the diving opportunities provided by the Club and is currently working towards completing his Divemaster certification. 

Mark cherishes every dive but Round Rock in Grand Cayman is his most memorable one.  When not diving, he enjoys spending time with his family, reading, swimming, cycling, and watching movies. 

He loves taking underwater videos and has uploaded some of his work on YouTube under the name @seadeepdivingFL. You are welcome to check them out. 

Jack Halpern was recommended to the USA Dive Club by other divers in the area.  A Bronx, NY native, he started diving in New York in 1963.  He holds YMCA and PADI Advanced Open Water diving certifications and has completed hundreds of dives, many of which were in cold, northern waters.  In 1996, Jack moved to Highland Beach, FL with his wife Joan, who is also a diver along with three of their children and two of their grandchildren.

His most memorable dive was in Tahiti on a ship with 350 other people, only a small number of whom were divers.  The divers would board tenders and go diving on the beautiful Tahitian reefs.  One of Jack’s favorite places is Looe Key Marine Sanctuary in the Florida Keys.

Jack is a mining engineer with two advanced degrees in geotechnical engineering.  His consulting business of over 50 years was interrupted in 2017 by Hurricane Irma, which flooded his home and convinced Jack it was time to retire.  After retiring, he joined the Guardian Ad Litem Program and cared for 10 foster children.

When not diving, Jack volunteers for the community in many capacities.  In the past, he was active for five years as Turtle “Handmaiden” for the northern 3/4 mile of Highland Beach.  Additionally, he is a board member of his condominium association and has been involved in various other commissions and citizens groups.  He also has a keen interest in the sport of archery.

Jack is looking forward to joining the Club activities and getting back to diving on a more regular basis.

The USA Dive Club is pleased to welcome Nick, Mark and Jack, as its newest members and wishes them an enjoyable experience with the club.

As always, we invite you to browse through our extensive Photo Gallery to take a look at our social and diving activities.

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