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November 2021 Membership

October 19, 2021 3:43 PM | Julie Manhold (Administrator)

Gobble, gobble to our fellow USA Dive Club members,

Where has the summer gone?  The Halloween ghosts and goblins are returning to their lairs, and now the turkeys are running for their lives.

With climate change doing its thing, the water will probably remain warm enough for most summer divers to squeeze in a few more under sea adventures.  Who knows?  You may even meet a future member of the USA Dive Club while you're at it.  

Dive boats provide the perfect environment to talk to new friends and extend an invitation to browse our website or attend a meeting, whether in person or on Zoom. 

We invite you to browse through USA's extensive photo gallery for a look at our local and overseas diving along with varied social activities.

Have a great Thanksgiving.

Happy bubbling from your Membership Coordinators,

 Stephanie Voris                   and           Julie Manhold  


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