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September 2018 Hospitality

August 20, 2018 5:16 PM | Clare Florio Anthon (Administrator)

Greetings From The Hospitality Hut!

I am pleased to report two first-time guests attended the August general meeting of the USA Dive Club.

Cintia Campos, a friendo a Ken's, is a PADI certified instructor.  She received her certification in 1986 and has logged over 200 dives. Cantia would like to visit the Philippines.

Kimberly Lamaze was brought to the meeting by member Stephanie.  She is a Master Diver and has 290 dives under her weight belt. Kimberly would like to go on the Arenui Live-A-Board.

Be sure and say hello when you see a new face at a meeting.  Feel free to show guests all the posters and sign up forms for Social and dive events. Make them feel welcome!!

I encourage you to visit our home page  Please click on the calendar and keep up to date on all the diving and non-diving scheduled activities. You may also take a look at the photo gallery and take a peek at past events.

I wish you all “Happy Diving”.

Clare Anthon                                                                                                         Hospitality Coordinator

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