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Preperation at home is just as important as for a dive.

June 01, 2018 8:20 PM | Anonymous

Hello Club Members,

     June 1 has arrived and this means hurricane season. As we leave for our summer dive trips, Yah Caymans, we leave our homes vulnerable. Although the likelihood of early hurricanes are rare, one can never predict mother nature. 

     With this in mind we need to prepare our homes and cars before we leave for our trips. This means we need to keep in mind when the peak storm season is and be ready to come home from a trip a few days before a storm and find the stores empty. This should not be the time to prepare and you should have done it early.  As we continue our travels, it is important to start stocking up on goods early and have them set before you leave for your vacations. 

     For me this is an important must do. Since I work for the City of Ft Lauderdale, I am typically called in early to assist the city to prepare for the storm. This means that while everyone is fighting for gas at the pumps, I am already at work keeping the peace. So I must have my preparations done  very early. I always ensure that I have my stock in order early, which I have already done and am ready to return from a trip and goto work the next morning. 

     There are dozens of links to help you prepare and I have attached the links for Broward and Palm Beach EOC. If you get stuck on a trip have a plan in place with some friends of family to secure your home. Although be gentle on them because they are doing you a big favor. 

With all the negatives out of the way , time to enjoy a great dive season. Stay away hurricane.

Tom Stenger



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