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July 7

June 27, 2022 10:40 AM | Nils Jacobsen (Administrator)

Upcoming trips 2022:

  • East End Grand Cayman, July 9-16, 2022  - New Destination: Compass Point Dive Resort & Ocean Frontiers dive shop:
  • Saba - land based - by ferry from St Marten - October 8-15, 2022 - $2.500, 11 dives, Breakfast and Dinner, tips an transportation. - We need a single female: Special bonus - we are holding a group ticket for the next signup

Upcoming trips 2023:

  • Damai 1, liveaboard, Mar 13-24, 2023 - Trip is full
  • Damai 1, liveaboard, Mar 26-Apr 06, 2023 - 1 spot might be open  
  • Little Cayman Beach Resort (first time in 4 years) - May 20-27, 2023 (this trip will be advertised at our October meeting)

Upcoming trips 2024:

  • Solomon Islands: Bilikiki live aboard, New dates: July 23 - Aug 2, 2024
  • We will start to look at extensions - as a group or individually - prior to the boat
  • If interested, call Nils, or wait for the trip to be advertised again

Preliminary Fiji Trip report - Fiji, May 2022 - and Covid-19 update

16 people went to Volivoli and Garden Island (Taveuni). Weather was great - except for the day a tropical system went by - hundreds of miles away. Diving was great - expect to see the full collection of pictures in a few weeks on our clubs photo-site.

Unfortunately half the group caught a Covid-19 infection.  The quarantine delay ranged from 3 to 8 days. In summary, everybody made it home safely, Nobody needed to be hospitalized. One more infection was detected only after arriving home - for a total of 9 out of 16. A few divers spent weeks before fully recovering. Many of us are still waiting for the insurance claims to settle.

In general - the Covid-19 restrictions for travel worldwide are being reduced or eliminated: we did not have to pre-test to get into Fiji; we did need a negative test to board the Fiji Air planes homebound. For Cayman the requirement to pretest was just canceled (effective 6/30); the US no longer requires a pre-test to travel home. We are vigorously watching the requirements for Saba and Indonesia.

In general - Covid-19 is not gone but have developed in a more and more benign direction (less bad consequences than in the early days). Self protection is still desired and occasionally needed - and since we never know when - we have to do it all the time [Mandated protection - Masks and distancing rules - are also being relaxed around the world.

The one requirements that stands - in most countries around the world - is that entry is contingent on vaccination status. And just a reminder - the event in Fiji - highlights the need for adequate travel insurance including the "newest element" - coverage for quarantine, only [rather than hospital confinement]. Dependent on country - this insurance is sometimes a requirement for entry - in other cases it is voluntary - but always strongly recommended.

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